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Venue / Dragon Hotel, in Hangzhou

The Dragon Hotel in Hangzhou is the one of the best choices for travellers around the world to visit Hangzhou. The hotel has ideal location in the heart of Hangzhou's central business district. Close to splendid shopping, and major corporate and government offices. The Dragon is also on the doorstep of some of China's most revered cultural landmarks. The hotel faces the stunning Baoshi Mountain and is a short walk from historic and picturesque West Lake. The Conference Center of the Dragon Hotel will host the keynote lectures and invited talks. Three additional lecture rooms equipped with standard presentation facilities are ready for parallel sessions. Registration and exhibition will be arranged in the lobby, and a complimentary pass for entrance to all exhibition halls will be enclosed in the registration package.

The Dragon Hotel 

Address:  No.120 Shuguang Rd, Hangzhou, ZHEJIANG 

Phone: 0571-87998833

Website: http://dragon-hotel. com/