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 A very broad transportation system has been established in Hangzhou, including international airports and railway stations. In order to reach the venue, you will have the following kinds of transportation routes to choose from:

1. Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport.  

If you arrive in Hangzhou by air at Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, you may take a taxi from the airport to the hotel directly. (Distance: 32 km, Taxi fare: about RMB120).

2. Hangzhou East Railway Station

If you arrive in Hangzhou by train at East Railway Station, you may take metro line 1 to Fengqi Road station firstly, and then take a taxi to the hotel. (Distance: 3.6km, Taxi fare: about RMB12) or you may take a taxi to the hotel directly. (Distance: 8.2km, Taxi fare: RMB30)

3. Shanghai Pudong International Airport.  

If you arrive in Shanghai by air at Shanghai Pudong International Airport (airport code: PVG), you may:

(1) Take a long-distance bus to Hangzhou (around 3 hours, Bus fare: RMB 100). The bus station is located between the two terminals of the Pudong Airport. The destination in Hangzhou is Huanglong Tourists Center. Then you may take a taxi to the hotel. (Distance: 2.6km, Taxi fare: about RMB 10).

Plan more by opening: http://en.shairport.com/pudongair.html 

(2) or take metro line 2 to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station (around 1.5 hours). Then, refer to way 4th.

Plan more by opening: http://service.shmetro.com/en/

4. Shanghai Hongqiao International Airpor.  

If you arrive in Shanghai by air at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (airport code: SHA), you may take metro line 10 or take a taxi to the Hongqiao Railway Station, and then take a high speed train to Hangzhou Railway Station or Hangzhou East Railway Station (about 1 hour for a high speed train), then refer way 2rd. 

Plan more by opening: http://en.shairport.com/hongqiaoair.html

5. Major cities in China. 

If you arrive in Beijing or other major cities in China, you may take a flight to Hangzhou, then refer to 1, or take a train to Hangzhou, then refer way 2rd.

6. Hongkong or Macau.  

If you arrive in Hongkong or Macau, you may transfer to Hangzhou by air. However, if you like to visit Hongkong or Macau, usually you need obtain a special entry permit in advance. Please consult the Chinese Embassy/Consulate close to you for more information.

A more detailed travel guide can be found in https://wikitravel.org/en/Hangzhou

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